Audience Engagement – 3 Approaches

1. Use money to get the audience engaged. This is perhaps the most traditional (and still quite effective) way of engaging an audience.

2. Use the influence of major influencers in one way or another. Use the people with 3 million Twitter followers, with gigantic Instagram or Facebook following, with high engagement numbers etc, as your ambassadors.

3. Aim for awareness and engagement in the long run.

Simon Staffans // Evolving Media

A quick note on a topic we’ve been addressing in several projects of late – that of audience engagement (I’ve written about it before, here, here and here amongst other posts). These might be obvious points to people, but I wanted to share them as they’ve come to the fore time and again on projects we’re working on. For instance, a couple of years ago we produced the music series ”The Mill Sessions”, where one part of the setup was an experiment in, namely, audience engagement. More precisely, is it possible to build an audience from scratch, and of so, how long does it take? Short answer – yes, and longer than expected.

Since then we’ve had other assignments where the engagement of the audience has been a very desired part of the projects. There are as many different approaches as there are projects, but here are three major…

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