Love at First Flight #M6102

Communication Theory

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I have a “love theme” for my blog post.

This post revolves around three things: Travel, Romance, and Communication. As students of communication, I suspect the class will enjoy at least two of those things.

Mead deems common interest helpful for communication, which is consistent with logic of connection and communication. Mead advises communicators to find “an object of common interest to all the individuals involved in the given social act thus directed toward or upon that object” (1934, p. 46) in order to connect and have meaningful communication. However, doesn’t that need for commonality defy the popular cliché attributed to attraction—“opposites attract”.

Lovers seal their relationship with a padlock on bridges around the globe. (BELA SZANDELSZKY/AP)

An interesting article in The Globe and Mail on Monday showcases some tales of travel romance from Globe readers. What is consistent in all these stories? What is the overarching “common interest”? The love of travel unites each couple.

Self-development is…

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