Charles Berger Moonlighting as Steve Harvey

Communication Theory

Steve Harvey is a sassier version of Dr. Phil (sans Ph.D) and as I read Berger’s research on uncertainty reduction theory I could picture Berger doling out relationship advice to single women on the Steve Harvey set. What does uncertainty reduction theory have to do with your relationship? No matter what your status, there is likely advice for you in Berger’s 1987 article, Communicating Under Uncertainty.

1. First Date

Quantity over quality is rarely a good thing and in communicating to reduce uncertainty Berger confirms that “quality rather than the quantity of information exchanged between interactants should have a greater impact upon the reduction of mutual uncertainties (Berger, 1987, p.44). How do you increase the quality of information exchanged on a first date, you may wonder. Berger has an answer for that! He notes how people at a political rally would begin their conversation by talking about something of mutual…

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