Seven Secret Relationship Tests #M6102 #Baxter #Wilmot

Charles Berger first developed the uncertainty reduction theory. Baxter and Wilmot took his research and developed seven secret tests that can be applied to determine the feasibility of their relationship. Whether you employ them or want to pass them, these are useful to know!

1. Asking third party tests

2. Directness tests

3. Triangle tests

4. Separation tests

5. Endurance tests

6. Public presentation tests

7. Indirect suggestion tests

If you want the full download on these tests, check out

Social Strategies for Acquiring Information About the State of the Relationship
LESLIE A.BAXTER Lewis and Clark College
WILLIAM W.WILMOT University of Montana
Or if you don’t have access to Human Communications Research, check out Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships – Page 91 via Google Books.

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