Faster, Stronger, Higher

Faster, Stronger, Higher

The Salvation Army Ethics Centre released this very poignant perspective on technology and its evolving role in our lives.

The discussion of technology focuses on developing an understanding of human nature and uses several cultural artifacts to frame the article.

Faster, Higher, Stronger

“The fictional Andrew was created to do household chores that many people consider beneath themselves. It may be that the way label certain tasks as “menial” tells us more about ourselves than it does about the machines we make to do them. In her book, Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less from Each Other, psychologist and robotics expert Sherry Turkle makes the argument that being human is not always about being “faster, higher stronger.” In doing those things that are somehow “beneath us,” we are still capable of finding connection, relationship, even love. That’s something to ponder as we reflect intelligently on the impacts of artificial intelligence technologies.”

Read the full article at The Salvation Army Ethics Centre.

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