The Landscape of Literature (Squires, 2007)

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                Claire Squires is a professor in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling and the Director of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication. Her book, Marketing Literature: The making of contemporary writing in Britain , offers a comprehensive perspective of book marketing from a leading academic in this specialized field of study.

It is difficult to find a better summary of the multifaceted book industry than the initial vignettes, which pave the way for Squires discussion of Marketing Literature. “A writer in a small room typing on a laptop; a publisher in an office looking through a pile of scripts; a marketing department discussing cover designs;…a commuter in a packed train immersed in a novel” (Squires, 2007, p.1). Squires illustrates the discourse of book marketing with this series of images, which include the role of the reader or consumer, and this end-consumer certainly plays an important…

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